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Ben Fordham pushes those in charge answer to NDIS disaster 

Ben Fordham has consistently gone in to bat for families affected by the NDIS reforms.

Countless families have contacted Ben with shocking details of how they’ve been left in the lurch is a dark battle to secure funding for disabled children.

One family were told if they wanted their funding to continue, they’d have to relinquish control of their children and make them wards of the state.

The reoccurring theme is that families which were being funded appropriately under NSW Service, are no longer funded under the NDIS.

NSW Disability Services Minister Ray Williams says when it comes to funding for equipment it “will always be provided”.

“They’re absolutely guaranteed they’ll always be funded.”

But Ben Fordham is pushing back, saying some families have told him they were only guaranteed three-months worth of support.

The minister says “there may be a bit of a miscommunication”.

Assistant General Secretary of the Public Services Association Troy Wright says “it’s a concern”.

“People are being ping-ponged between the NDIS which only wants to cover disabilities and NSW Health which wants to cover the health.

“We don’t think that’s satisfactory,” he tells Ben.

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