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Latest NDIS debacle leaves those most vulnerable ‘falling through the cracks’

A facility devoted to caring for profoundly disabled people is about to have their funding slashed under the new NDIS model, a move that will leave families worse off.

The Grosvenor Centre at Summer Hill looks after people who can’t walk, can’t talk and are tube fed.

Some residents even need machines to breathe.

Until last week the centre was funded by New South Wales Family and Community Services, but Achieve Australia will now run the facility under NDIS funding.

Disability-related necessities will be covered, but anything medical won’t be.

That includes lifesaving oxygen tanks and breathing tubes.

The New South Wales government has guaranteed funding for three months but after that, residents and their families to fork out thousands to keep their loved ones alive.

Paul Adderley, whose 25-year-old disabled son Kenneth is a resident at the centre, tells Ben Fordham the news is extremely distressing.

“It’s shocking,” he says.

“We were extremely happy there, with the care they get.”

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General Secretary of the Public Services Association Troy Wright says the state government has to step up and intervene long term.

“There needs to be a systematic look at this.

“The New South Wales government needs to follow the lead of the other state and territory governments, stay in the field, continue to provide¬†services for those… who fall through the cracks.”