Ben Fordham finally drags the truth out of Michael Daley


After relentless questioning and repeated attempts to dodge the issue, Michael Daley has finally admitted he was wrong in claiming fire sprinklers were ripped out of Allianz Stadium by the SCG Trust.

The Opposition Leader made the claims in an explosive interview with Alan Jones and was later caught lying again about his comments.

Ben Fordham has repeatedly called Mr Daley out on his lies and offered him the opportunity to correct the record.

He finally agreed to an interview and, after persistent questioning, the alternate premier eventually gave in and conceded he was wrong.

Mr Daley didn’t go down without a fight. It took him seven minutes and 35 seconds to finally admit he was wrong.

“What I said at the time to Alan Jones was a metaphor for what they were doing to the whole stadium.”

Ben: “Why is it so hard to say I was wrong? Why is that so hard?”

Michael: “That’s fine. If they say there were no fire sprinklers at the time and there weren’t, then that’s fine. I got it wrong.”

Ben: “It took a long time to get that out of you but I’m glad you admitted it.”

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