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Ben Fordham clashes with union boss over ferry strike

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Image: Twitter/ Peter Boyle – Union protesters

Ben Fordham has clashed with a union boss over this morning’s ferry strike.

Union protesters blocked commuters from boarding ferries as they tried to get to work.

Manly Fast Ferry organised extra staff to cope with the approved workers’ strike, but union members boarded ferries and prevented passengers from getting on.

The Maratime Union of Australia (MUA) has been negotiating with the NRMA, who owns the fast ferry, for better pay.

Ben Fordham asks MUA Sydney Assistant Secretary Paul Garrett why he thought he had the right to prevent people from getting to work.

“People who are going to work should get to work,” says Mr Garrett.

“But public transport workers shouldn’t be used and prostituted at the wrong rates of pay just so others can get to work.”

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But CEO of Manly Fast Ferry Richard Ford denies paying workers below the minimum wage and says he is willing to negotiate.

“We’ve offered them an attractive deal based on the ferry award.

“We’re absolutely disappointed that we impacted peoples’ lives this morning.”

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