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Australia’s top CEOs back company tax cuts

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A group of business leaders are promising to funnel more money back into Australia if company tax cuts pass through parliament.

Four crossbenchers say they’ll vote for the government’s package, while One Nation and Derryn Hinch are offering their conditional support.

It means the Coalition may only need one more vote to get its tax relief across the line.

MYOB Chief Executive Tim Reed tells Ross Greenwood he’s among several business bosses who’ll invest more in Australia if the cuts pass.

“I’ve made the commitment publicly… and certainly wanted the Senator to be aware of the commitment.

“I’ve done that because it makes sense,” he says.

“As a business, if tax cuts come in then what we’re able to do is offer a higher return on investment to shareholders.

“An investment that did not make sense at one tax rate does make sense at another.”

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