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Australia is set to get a pay rise, but at what cost?

Will the unemployment rate continuing to fall around the country, it’s looking like Australia will get a pay rise.

Over the past 12 months, the average pay rise in Australia was 2%, around 1.9% for the private sector, and 2.4% for the public sector.

Ross Greenwood speaks with Senior Economist and Deloitte Access Economics Partner David Rumbens.

“It’s real, but it’s a slow-moving phenomenon.

“A lot of people haven’t had a wage rise for some time, [but] the conditions are starting to turn.

“There is not going to be a dramatic shift this year, this is over the next couple of years.”

Mr Rumbens warns the pay rise will mean individuals won’t be receiving tax cuts.

“We’re still running a pretty significant budget deficit.

“If we add in further tax cuts onto that, then we’re still further away from that day where we start to pay that off.”

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