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Aussie rockstar says his beloved Tathra ‘will bounce back’

Residents affected by the Tathra firestorm are beginning the recovery mission.

Many have lost everything, with over 100 homes either damaged or destroyed.

Well-known Australian actor and rockstar Frankie J Holden owns the Tathra Beachside Caravan Park and assures Ben Fordham his beloved town will recover.

“Tathra is a very resilient community. We will bounce back.”

Frankie says his business was fortunate to escape the worst of the blaze.

“We dodged a bullet.

“We managed… to get [the guests] all out safely. We were very, very lucky.”

He’s encouraging Sydney-siders with plans to travel down the coast for Easter to visit Tathra and help revive the town.

“I’d urge your listeners… come on down.

“Come back to town and come and buy a coffee and get some of the fabulous fish and chips.”

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