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Andrew Bolt says ‘the government looks like a pack of bigots’ ahead of Wentworth by-election

Despite winning Wentworth with a 17 per cent margin at the last federal election, the Liberals are bracing for a hit at this Saturday’s by-election.

One half of the Big Guns, Andrew Bolt, has consistently held the view the Liberals won’t lose the seat, but now he tells Ben Fordham “I might be proved wrong”.

“I’ve got this little lump of fear.

“There’s just so many candidates, it’s just impossible to know quite which way the preference will run.”

Andrew says the Liberals “have to be a bit worried” after the leaking of a religious freedom report which moves for schools to be upfront about their policy on gay students and staff.

A report which Andrew says “has made the government look like a pack of bigots”.

“Particularly when the seat of Wentworth… has, what I’m told, the highest proportion of gays in the country.”

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