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‘No gay kids’ signs are a school essential in Ruddock review on religious freedoms

Former Liberal MP Philip Ruddock who headed a review into religious freedoms has spoken for the first time about the divisive recommendations.

An independent inquiry reportedly recommended all faith-based schools be extended the right to turn away gay people.

“I’m all for religious freedoms, but I can’t respect institutions, particularly schools, that turn away children simply because they’re gay,” says Ben Fordham.

“The idea of a principal banning a student from attending a school because of who they are, quite frankly churns my stomach.”

Mr Ruddock tells Ben it’s not about making it easier for schools to discriminate, but the need for them to be upfront about their policy.

He says the recommendations made to the government suggest if certain schools wish to continue to turn away students and teachers based on their sexuality, they need to make it “abundantly clear”.

But he tells Ben most religious schools would “manage the issues”, and turning away students “is not the approach they would be taking”.

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Special Minister of State and Liberal MP Alex Hawke tells Ben religious schools should have the right to discriminate.

He believes religious schools should be able to discriminate against students and staff based on sexuality, saying it’s not controversial.

“We don’t want our kids sexualised and we don’t want decisions made on their sexuality.

“This idea that there is discrimination in Australian religious schools is false.

“I think absolutely religious schools have the right to teach their religion at their school and to employ people where they have a consistent view with their religion.”

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