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Andrew Bolt: Germaine Greer’s latest call is ‘just disgusting’

“I just don’t know what the go is with Germaine Greer,” says Ben Fordham.

The controversial feminist writer is back in the news over comments she made about former prime minister Julia Gillard.

Greer said Ms Gillard never got an “important role” after leaving office, despite Ms Gillard’s current role as BeyondBlue Chair.

Now, in an interview with Sharri Markson, Greer says men breaking up with women is, in some cases, just as bad, if not worse, than a man raping a woman.

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” says Andrew Bolt.

“There are a lot of things I do like about Germaine Greer, and one of them is the fearlessness to just say something and be damned, whatever the response.

“But it strikes me that too often now she says something that she knows will cause an uproar. Things that I don’t know she can possibly believe.”

Andrew says her latest comments are “ridiculous”.

“Seriously, [she] doesn’t see the moral difference between rape and a breakup?

“That’s just disgusting… that rates off the charts in terms of offensiveness.

“This is just a woman who… craves the limelight, has got nothing intelligent left to say and so will say something completely stupid”.

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