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Andrew Bolt: ‘Different premier, same backflip’

The NSW’s Government has made a major about-turn on the knockdown and rebuild of ANZ Stadium.

The government will still go ahead with a full knock-down and rebuild of Allianz Stadium at Moore Park.

Andrew Bolt says it’s a case of “different premier, same backflip”.

“Again in the area of sport. Greyhounds one day, stadia the next.

“They don’t seem to get things right.”

On the suspensions handed down to Smith, Warner and Bancroft, Andrew tells Chris Smith there needs to be some mercy.

“Can anyone doubt that [Steve Smith] is absolutely shattered and that his life from now on will be completely different, and worse.

“There’s got to be some room for mercy and redemption here.

“I am not saying he doesn’t deserve any punishment, I’ve been tough on this from the start.

“I think this is probably too harsh a punishment.”

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