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Do we need CCTV cameras in hospital rooms after alleged patient abuse?

Image: Herald Sun

Footage has emerged of a Melbourne nurse allegedly abusing a patient with cerebral palsy.

33-year-old Billy Aivaliotis is at Caulfield Hospital recovering from a brain injury after being hit by a car last year.

His family placed a hidden camera in the room which recorded Mr Aivaliotis being grabbed by the throat, thrown aggressively onto the bed and forcibly pushed in the neck and face.

The male nurse has since been sacked.

It raises concerns over the need to install CCTV cameras into hospital and nursing home rooms to ensure patient safety.

Ben Fordham speaks with Lorraine Long from the Medical Error Action Group.

“I’m appalled by what I see going on.

“The photos people have given me, and the footage, the media won’t run it. That’s how bad it is.”

“This comes back on the failure by the federal department to come to grips with it.”

Ms Long tells Ben she has written to Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt four times in the last year.

“He’s not even had the courtesy to acknowledge my correspondence.”

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Watch the hidden camera footage below