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Alan Jones calls for changes to anti-corruption watchdog

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Alan Jones says the state’s anti-corruption watchdog often wrongly vilifies people and insists the system should be overlooked.

ICAC investigates corruption but Alan argues there needs to be a change to how proceedings are conducted.

He points out that former Labor minister Ian Macdonald and former union boss John Maitland were found to be jailed as a consequence of a flawed trial.

Macdonald had his conviction overturned and called for an inquiry into the ICAC investigations that eventually led to his prosecution.

Alan says there are many examples where people’s reputations had been ruined.

“I have said for years it’s ICAC itself on which the spotlight should be turned.

“So many innocent people are being condemned by ICAC, publically vilified.

“All these hearings should be in camera and only when… the evidence stands up then names should be made public and charges levelled.”

The Australian’s Chris Merritt says businesses have also been tarnished.

“These poor companies guilty of nothing have lost valuable assets based on a misinformed finding by a non-court.”

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