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ADF forking out thousands of taxpayer money for ridiculous army ban

A source has told Ben Fordham the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is forking out thousands of taxpayer dollars to resign army logos that feature death-style iconography.

A current serving Seargent of the ADF tells Ben the 5th Brigade Commander is giving units under his command up to $16,000 of taxpayer money to resign the company’s logo and supply soldiers with new PT shirts, jumpers and hats to comply with the ban.

“Normally these items are paid for out of the soldier’s pockets.

I am sure this would be Army-wide as most units would need to redesign their unit logos.

It’s disappointing to see money being wasted on this and should be more focused on training and new equipment.”

This comes after Defence Chief Angus Campbell said he was “watering down” his decision to ban symbols including skulls, crossbones and the Phantom or Punisher symbols.

Former ADF member Bernard Gaynor tells Ben it’s going to cost a lot more if its army-wide.

“If one unit is going to cost $16,000… then across the army you’re looking upwards of $2 million to change logos.

“One other thing I’ve been told, one Senior Commander has told the soldiers in his brigade that the unhappiness with the decision is just the manifestation of white male anglo-privilege which I think is a rather shocking statement to make.”

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