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Adani CEO calls for inquiry into anti-coal policy advisor

The CEO of Adani Australia is calling for an inquiry into the appointment of an anti-mining senior policy advisor.

The Australian has revealed Dr Tim Seelig, the top policy advisor to the Queensland Department of Environment, missed the cut-off date for applications but was still appointed to the role after he sent his resume directly to the chair of the vetting panel.

The department has been holding up the proposed Adani coal mine for years, despite the project receiving federal approval.

Dr Seelig has previously stated he doesn’t think any new coal mines should be built due to climate change.

Adani Australia CEO Lucas Dow says it’s clear his appointment has breached official processes.

“All we’ve ever asked for is a fair go and I just don’t know how we could possibly get a fair go with people like that stuck within the bureaucracy.

“It appears that it’s breached all of the processes, and importantly he’s got a clear anti-coal, anti-mining, anti-Adani bias.”

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In an astonishing announcement from Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, she has apologised and acknowledged Labor had let people down by delaying the project’s approval.

She’s now requested Lucas Dow and the independent regulator sit down with the co-ordinator general tomorrow to provide a definitive time frame for the Adani project’s approval by Friday.

She has also announced she’s asked the Director-General of the Department of Environment to refer the recruitment process that appointed of Dr Tim Seelig to the Public Service Commission.

Ray Hadley says the announcements can only be a result of Labor’s disappointing federal election result.

“It’s amazing, absolutely amazing what will happen. Desperate politicians do desperate things.”