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Porsche Macan Turbo offers a satisfying performance

Porsche sales are up by 4.3 per cent this year – interestingly its SUV’s, the Macan and the larger Cayenne continue to represent 80 per cent of Porsche sales – interesting when you consider it made its name as a sport car manufacturer. I just tested a top flight Macan Turbo SUV with an added performance package – from a base price of $143,500 with options including a turbo plus exterior package adding another $25,800. So expensive, but in terms of on-road confidence and features simply stunning. The 3.6-litre turbo six-cylinder 7-speed dual clutch automatic with manual paddles drives through a constant all-wheel- drive system – which equates to simply awesome performance and road grip – nicely appointed as you would expect for a luxury vehicle – in fact the interior is best described as a cockpit with a host of switches and information. What sets this Porsche Macan SUV turbo apart is the driving experience – overtly sporty and I can’t recall a more satisfying performance skewed luxury SUV.
Basically the performance package adds to the standard turbo Macan another 30kw to 330 and 50 Nm more torque to 600, also an active management suspension with 15mm lowering when at speed, standard air- suspension, a sports exhaust and 390mm front disc brakes, 356mm to the rear. Dislikes – Porsche place emphasis on a large centrally-mounted tachometer – I’d would prefer this to be the speedometer as this is one vehicle where your speed can quickly get you into trouble with the law.
9/10. I’m David Berthon

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