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Zali Steggall taken to task over maiden speech on climate change

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Steve Price and Rita Panahi have ripped into MP Zali Steggall for making climate change the focus of her maiden speech in Parliament.

The Federal Member for Warringah, who unseated former prime minister Tony Abbott at the last federal election, used her first speech as an MP to criticise the government over their lack of action on climate change.

Ms Steggall claimed climate change represents “the greatest threat to our national security, our economy, our health and our environment”.

She also said the government needs to decarbonise every polluting sector by 2050, including in areas such as aviation, shipping and agriculture.

Steve Price says it’s incredible she’s focusing on industries that having nothing to do with the area to which she was elected.

“None of that, of course, happens in Warringah.

“She’s not speaking, in her maiden speech, about anything that affects the people that live in her area.”

Rita Panahi agrees with Steve, telling him Ms Steggall’s own actions are hypocritical to her cause.

“We know Zali herself hasn’t taken these sort of steps that she’s advocating for. She hasn’t got solar panels for her roof, she doesn’t drive a hybrid car or electric car.

“Even I’ve got solar panels on my roof for the love of God!

“I just find it strange how you can be so focused and preoccupied with one issue and yet in your own personal life you have made choices that don’t reflect that.”

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