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‘You’re going to look at them twice’: Muslim woman responds to burqa debate

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Ben Fordham receives messages from all sorts of people, but a note from a woman by the name of Mina Zaki stood out from the others.

Mina has a degree in politics, is a mother of three children and is a member of the Liberal Party.

She’s also a practicing Muslim, but says she doesn’t really fit in anywhere.

Mina tells Ben Fordham she doesn’t feel ‘Australian’ enough because of her faith. But she isn’t ‘Muslim’ enough because of her unusual and unconventional views.

She hasn’t let that hold her back and has approached plenty of touchy topics this afternoon.

Mina has weighed in on Cory Bernardi’s push to ban the burqa in airports and Centrelink offices, telling Ben “there’s a time and a place for everything”.

“Burqas I’m personally against… because the purpose of a burqa in a non-western society or in a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia, for example, is to detract unwanted attention.

“In a place like Australia, it does the exact opposite.

“If you see somebody wearing a full covering, you’re going to look at them twice.”

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Mina says she’s proud to be a Liberal Party member, but when she tells people how she sways politically she often gets strange looks.

“I’m not the only Muslim member of the Liberal party, there are quite a few.

“But generally, when you tell people that you’re a member of the Liberal party, first their face changes and you actually see them walking away.

“The Liberal party is seen, unfortunately, as intolerant towards Muslims. And it’s not the case at all.”

She says she will have a crack at politics eventually but is holding out for now.