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‘You need to presume that the horse has bolted’: Ben’s advice to young women facing ‘epidemic’

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Listener Virginia is asking for Ben’s help, expressing concern for her 13-year-old daughter who’s being pressured to send compromising photos of herself to a boy.

“My youngest daughter is 13 and came to me this morning with messages from a boy she thought was a friend, saying she was sexy and asking for nudes,” Virginia writes.

“This is happening every day and is an epidemic but I don’t know (how) to fix it or if we can.”

Ben says he’s covered similar stories before and remembers one occasion when a teenage girl in a rural town sent nude images of herself to her then-boyfriend.

Those photos were then plastered around the suburb and spread like wildfire on social media.

Ben has some sage advice for any young girls, like Virginia’s daughter, facing such a position.

“There are a lot of young men who do put pressure on young women to take nude photos of themselves and to send them on.

“The moment you’ve sent that photo to anyone, you need to presume that the horse has bolted and that is going to be on Facebook, and everyone you know including your mum and your dad and your grandmother and your grandfather and your boss, everyone is going to see it.

“You need to have that in your head the moment you hit send.”

Ben is urging young women to think before they act.

“The safest thing to do… is don’t take the photos.

“And if it’s your boyfriend who’s asking for the photos, then your boyfriend should know better.”

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