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‘You can’t turn it on like a tap’: PM responds to aged care criticism

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says it is “unrealistic” and potentially dangerous to roll out more in-home care places than what was announced last night.

In the budget, 23,000 new in-home care packages were announced to help address the aged care crisis, but lobbyists say it didn’t go far enough.

“It’s an unrealistic expectation,” Mr Morrison told Jim Wilson.

“Since we came into government, we have tripled the number of in-home aged care places.

“You can’t just turn this on like a tap – there has to be workers trained, there has to be people who can provide those services.

“If you just rush the funding into a program like this … you will have people who are providing care in people’s homes, you will have implementation problems, you will have standards of quality and care that would be at risk.

“The notion you can just create 60,000 places in in-home aged care overnight is not practical: in fact, it could be quite dangerous.”

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Chief Advocate for National Seniors Australia Ian Henschke told Jim earlier in the program they were disappointed overall.

“We are hoping that [the government] want[s] to wait until the Royal Commission hands down its findings.

“I implore the Prime Minister … to fix this problem: this is not something about numbers, this is about people.”

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