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‘You attack us, we can attack you back’: Jim Molan warns cyber hackers

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Senator Jim Molan won’t reveal which country is responsible for a cyber attack on Australia, but has spoken about our capability to retaliate.

The Prime Minister revealed the Parliament House computer network was attacked by a “sophisticated state actor”.

Suspicion immediately fell on China but Scott Morrison has refused to confirm Beijing’s involvement.

Senator Jim Molan tells Chris Smith this is the right move.

“We should never get out there and act outside what we definitely know,” he says.

“And even on occasions when we do definitely know, it may be there’s a very good reason for not identifying a country.”

The retired major general has revealed the government is equipped to handle cyber hacks and more than capable of returning fire.

“We should never undersell our own capacity,” he says.

“We’ve stated that we’ve got an offensive cyber capability which is you attack us, we can attack you back.”

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Senator Molan also commented on news that Islamic State could be defeated in Syria within days or weeks.

As the former head of coalition troops in Iraq, Senator Molan warns we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

“We’re not talking here about Islamic extremism, we’re talking here about one manifestation, our current manifestation.”

However, Senator Molan admits it’s a significant victory.

“The Islamic State is just al Qaeda on steroids,” he says.

“I just wonder, Chris, whether in fact Islamic State’s great selling point was that it was prepared to go to a most extraordinary level of terrorism, most extraordinary level of violence.

“I just wonder can you get any worse than the Islamic State?”