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Worst of the worst hide in the internet’s evil twin

The dark web is where some of the most depraved criminals go to commit crimes too graphic to talk about.

Known as the internet’s evil twin it holds drugs, weapons and violent imagery.

Author of The Darkest Web Eileen Ormsby tells Steve Price what she found when she delved into the depths of the dark web.

“I go through ‘dark’ which is the online drugs and weapons market, then ‘darker’ which is the hitmen sites.

“‘Darkest’ is somewhere that some readers might not want to go. It’s even worse than it sounds.”

Eileen explains why authorities struggle to catch “the worst of the worst” using these hidden sites.

“They certainly do monitor it. But the dark web creates a lot of problems for law enforcers because they can’t track users through the usual computer methods.

“That’s how the dark web’s designed.”

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