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‘Worst man-made fish kill’: Thousands more fish found dead in the Darling River

There are calls for a federal policy response to the second mass fish kill in the Darling River in New South Wales.

Locals say more dead fish are floating along the banks of the river at Menindee.

It’s the same stretch of river which, earlier this month, saw thousands of fish die.

The Department of Primary Industries has sent officers to investigate what is the third event there in less than two months.

Menindee farmer Rob McBride featured in an emotional video expressing despair over the crisis.

See the video below

And today, new footage (see below) showing just how dire the situation is.

Mr McBride tells Ben Fordham he’s not surprised about the latest fish killing.

“We’ve got many more to come.”

He says 700 million more fish could die from the “totally man-made” disaster.

“This has nothing to do with drought, this has nothing to do with nature, this has become government policy.

“This is a national disaster.”

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Graeme McCrabb, who filmed the above footage, tells Ben “it’s been another tough today”.

“If there’s any consolation, they’re not dying without people dying now.”

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Image: Graeme McCrabb