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Woman sick of men copping the blame, organises Men’s March

A woman has organised a men’s rights march as a way of hitting back against what she calls, “an assault on men”.

The march in Melbourne on August 25 was prompted by the aftermath of the horrific death of Eurydice Dixon.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews declared women don’t need to change their behaviour, men do.

It sparked an important debate about the safety of women in the streets.

“Discussions like that are healthy…but what isn’t healthy is that all men are to blame or that all men are bad,” says Ben Fordham.

Conservative blogger Sydney Watson says people don’t look at men’s issues the same as women’s issues.

“A lot of the talking heads were saying things that were just really disgusting about men collectively.

“I just found it to be absolutely irreprehensible that people would collectively lump men for the behaviour of some men.

“Most men in this society are good decent people.

“There are people who care so deeply about women.”

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