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Will new stadiums actually draw major events?

Western Sydney’s most powerful business groups claim rebuilding Sydney’s stadia will bring the world’s biggest events to our city… but is that actually the case?

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue, Western Sydney Business Chamber and Sydney Olympic Park Business Association are calling for the government to pitch for more major sporting events, using the new stadiums as the selling point.

Football and Rugby World Cups are on their wish list, as well as another Commonwealth Games.

Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue Chairman Chris Brown tells Steve the stadium rebuilds must go ahead.

“It’s a timely reminder if they prioritise the big stadium at Olympic Park then we can really go after these global events, much better than we went after the football World Cup last time.

“We can have the best rectangular stadium in the world, if the government stays the course… we can get a whole bunch of other events as well.”

But what isn’t mentioned is the new ANZ Stadium wouldn’t be big enough to host a FIFA World Cup final because it’s under the 80,000 seat limit.

And, the new stadium at Parramatta wouldn’t be eligible to host any FIFA World Cup game because of its 30,000 seat capacity.

Steve also mentions the demolition of ANZ will remove Sydney’s only large athletics venue.

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Steve Price