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Wife recalls husband’s murder as South African farmers live in terror

There’s a violent crisis hitting South Africa many don’t know about.

Violence towards white farmers is increasing in South Africa after the government passed legislation to force them off their land without compensation.

In 2017 alone, 400 white farms were attacked and two white farmers were killed every week.

Mariandra Heunis is a victim who watched as her husband was brutally murdered on their property in 2016.

Mariandra tells Ben Fordham the attackers have completely destroyed their lives.

“It was in October 2016, we were woken up in our house with two attackers standing there and they shot him six times in front of me and my older daughter.

“They took a father… they took our whole lives that night.

She tells Ben the attacks are increasing and the community is terrified.

“It’s living in constant fear. It’s being ready for anything when the dark comes.”

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