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‘Why would they march over a cliff?’: The Big Guns on LibSpill aftermath

In the aftermath of last week’s Liberal leadership chaos, Tony Abbott has declared the era of the “political assassin” is behind us.

Questions have been raised as to whether the Liberal party should adopt rules around ousting a sitting Prime Minister.

Some are in favour of change but one half of the Big Guns, Andrew Bolt, certainly isn’t.

“The rules shouldn’t be changed. Besides they’re generally not worth the paper they’re written on,” Andrew tells Ben Fordham.

“The politicians need to have the ability to ditch an unpopular leader.

“Why would they march over a cliff? I think that’s absolutely ridiculous.”

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When it comes to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s new-look cabinet, Graham Richardson says there’s a key name missing from the frontbench.

“I still think he (Scott Morrison) should have made Tony Abbott a cabinet minister. I think that was a mistake.

“But I think he’s done pretty well overall.”