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Whistleblowers reveal exactly how a dangerous prisoner escaped custody


Whistleblowers have revealed a prisoner who escaped on the weekend was being guarded by two junior corrections officers with less than a year experience.

28-year-old Matthew Furner was under guard at Port Macquarie Base Hospital when he fled custody on Sunday morning.

It turns out Furner was showering, without hand or ankle cuffs, when he escaped into nearby bushland as a guard fired a warning shot after him.

The police helicopter and dog squad managed to track him down and find him more than 60 kilometres north at Frederickton but questions are now being asked about how he escaped.

Whistleblowers within corrections have contacted Ray, shedding light on the incident.

“I’m told that both officers were probationary officers and this is a dangerous, high-risk individual,” says Ray.

“They broke protocol and removed hand and ankle cuffs from the criminal to have a shower.”

Corrective Services NSW has issued a statement to The Ray Hadley Morning Show denying the claims.

“The safety of the community and our staff is paramount when transporting inmates.

Neither of the staff were probationary officers.

The inmate’s classification was appropriate and he had no history of escape attempts.

All aspects of the incident will be thoroughly investigated and disciplinary action will be taken if required.

The inmate will be charged and is likely to receive additional prison time.”

But since reading that statement on-air Ray was contacted by several more corrections officers who say the whistleblower was 100 per cent correct.

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Ray says guards, hospital staff and police were “put at risk because of the stupidity of Corrections NSW” and is demanding those in charge take responsibility.

“I don’t want the buck to be passed to young officers. How about the imbeciles at the top of the tree.”

The inmate, Matthew Furner, is expected to be charged with escape lawful custody and will face court today.