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When did eating become more of an art than food?

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We’ve all seen someone whip out their smartphone at a restaurant to take a picture of their meal.

For anti-foodies like Chris Smith, this imbecilic practice only serves to delay the time it takes before you can start tucking into your food.

“People are forking out exorbitant amounts of money only to take more pictures than bites of the food.

“When did eating become more of an art than food?” says Chris.

Fellow anti-foodie, demographer Bernard Salt, is pushing for a new anti-foodie movement to flourish.

Where followers embrace restaurants simply as a place to eat food, and normal size servings of food at that.

“How often have you seen a massive plate put in front of you and all you get is a postage stamp size piece of art… designed for the hunger of a mouse!

“I don’t know how long they spend making the meal but I’ll tell you what it doesn’t take much to eat it,” says Chris.

While there was no lack of listeners agreeing with this viewpoint, producer Harnsle begged to differ and went in to bat for foodies around Australia.

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