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What you need to know about the plastic bag ban

If you’ve been to the supermarket lately you might notice they’ve ditched single-use plastic bags.

Some states and territories have implemented bans on single-use bags for some time now, with Queensland to join suit from July 1.

The New South Wales government, however, has decided not to follow.

Major supermarket Coles and Woolworths have pledged to remove all single-use bags from the checkouts Australia-wide in a move towards more sustainable practices.

Woolworths’ ban will begin from Wednesday 20 June, while Coles will ditch the bags from July 1.

Coles Spokesperson Martine Alpins tells Chris Smith consumers will need to change their “habits”.

“We really encourage customers to keep some in their car, keep them in their bag, so they don’t forget because it’s really going to be a change of habit.”

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