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What was President Ronald Reagan really like? Former staffer tells all

At 22, Peggy Grande scored the job of the lifetime.

The young college student had a passion for politics and was raised to chase her dreams.

So Peggy applied to work for the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. And she got the job.

“I was given an opportunity to serve as what I thought would be a short-term internship,” she tells Alan Jones.

“A couple of years in, Ronald Reagan’s long-time executive assistant retired. They asked me to take that role.

“You don’t say no to a job offer like that!”

Peggy, who served as President Reagan’s executive assistant for a decade, has written a book The President Will See You Now about his final years.

She only has praise for her former boss and says “what you saw was what you got”.

“He completely ruined and spoiled me because I’ll never have a better boss.

“He completely changed my idea [that] you had to choose whether you could be strong and successful or a kind, nice person.”

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