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What ‘more expensive’ NBN changes mean for you

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The NBN has made some changes to its rollout, and it could affect your connection.

More homes and businesses will have access to a fibre-to-the-curb rather than a fibre-to-the-node connection.

But what does this really mean?

NBN’s Public Affairs Manager Philippa Perry explains.

“When there’s more fibre closer to the home that means faster speeds,” she tells Chris Smith.

“It is a little bit more expensive. There’s a bit more construction involved.”

The premises around Australia which will have access to the fibre-to-the-curb have already been decided, and you can check whether your house is included by checking the NBN website next Tuesday.

In the meantime Optus has trialled its 5G network, presenting it as a potential rival to the NBN.

Phillipa is adamant they can coexist.

“I think that the two can coexist… the NBN is capable of very, very fast speeds as well.”

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