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‘We’ve got to rely on ourselves’: Senator Jim Molan on Australia’s dwindling fuel reserves

Luke Grant

Australia’s dwindling fuel reserves are showing no signs of improving, with the country still possessing just 21 days’ supply.

Undermining the country’s sovereignty and hampering our ability to defend ourselves amid conflict, Luke Grant says Australia urgently needs to  regain some self-sufficiency and refill the stockpile.

Failure to do this could leave our national security in a vulnerable, precarious position.

“This is a bit of an indictment on our ability to sort ourselves out,” says Luke.

“To me this is part of a broader trend in how Australia takes care of itself. We relinquish much of our independence. Do we then rely on other countries to bail us out when times get tough?”

 “We end up putting ourselves in a position of dependence. It’s time to stop free-riding our allies and get back some self-sufficiency.”

Senator Jim Molan agrees, saying the reserve levels are “ridiculously short.”

“Sixty percent of our fuel that we consume in this country is imported, only 10% of fuel comes from the refined Australian crude.”

“We’ve got to rely on ourselves.”

“If you’re going to take it seriously, you’ve got to link the fuel that we have in this country to some kind of strategic concept.”


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Luke Grant