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‘We talk about him often’: Remembering police killed in the line of duty

Fallen police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty will be honoured and remembered today for National Police Remembrance Day.

Among those is Sergeant Geoffrey Richardson, who died when his car crashed into a tree while responding to a dangerous police chase in the Hunter Valley in 2016.

Ben Fordham spoke to his wife Margaret Richardson, also a police officer, and described him as a “hero, a mentor, a first class police officer.”

Ms Richardson said it’s important for the community to recognise the sacrifice of those on the front line, and for her sons to know the man their father was.

“We talk about him often, it’s very important to keep his memory alive with the boys, they want to know funny stories about their dad,” she said.

“I make sure they know how diligent he was, how special he was.

“We always make sure Geoffrey is present in their lives, in every way we can.”

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