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‘We don’t need handouts, only a fair go’: Dairy farmer takes aim at supermarket chains

A dairy farmer has taken aim at the nation’s major supermarkets, saying their industry wouldn’t need charity if they were paid properly by the top end of town.

Gary has been a farmer for 35 years on the New South Wales north coast and tells Ray Hadley the likes of Coles, Woolworths and Aldi are holding the industry to “ransom”.

He says the low price of milk is crippling the industry and hard-working farmers deserve to be paid more for their produce.

“We cannot keep producing milk for 55 cents a litre then sell it to the supermarkets for $1 dollar,” Gary writes.

“If the processors paid us a price of say 70-80 cents a litre, we would all have surplus funds to deal with droughts and floods.”

Gary says the price of grain and hay has skyrocketed and now costs him an extra $20,000 a month while his income goes nowhere.

“We don’t need handouts, only a fair go.”

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Ray says someone in government needs to go in to bat for the farmers.

“(Dairy farmers have) been getting screwed year, after year, after year, after year.

“So what’s the answer? We’re going to end up importing milk from some other parts of the world when we have the best dairy products in the world right here in Australia.

“Someone needs to take a big stick to the supermarkets.”