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Ray’s share bike collection continues to grow

One of Sydney’s abhorrent dockless bikes has turned up in Ray’s studio, and he’s not happy about it.

Ray’s been advocating against the dockless bikes for several months, but now he’s fallen victim to the bright yellow plague.

He’s sent a personal message to the bike operator OFO to come and collect their bike.

Watch the video below to see Ray’s hilarious reaction

Ray’s producer Taylah tried to hijack the share bike once it arrived in the office.


Steve Price also came across a stash of share bikes dumped at the domestic terminal at Sydney Airport.

“It was two when I rang you, it’s now four.

“Three orange and one yellow.

“Some moron has ridden those free things out here and just chucked ’em on the side of the road.”

Ray: “What I’m doing is, as I walk back from the Fish Markets early in the morning and I fall over them, I’m bringing one back every day.”

Price: “Yeah thanks, that’s my studio as well…”

Ray: “I’ll lower the seat for you!”

Listen to the full call below