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Warren Mundine: Has he completely turned on his former party?

Luke Grant

The former national president of the Australian Labor Party has written a scathing review, saying “Labor has stopped caring about the working class”.

In the Daily Telegraph, Warren Mundine writes “Labor’s policies will hurt” the working class.

He tells Luke Grant he joined the ALP because “they reformed the economy, they got governments out of areas they shouldn’t have been in”.

Mr Mundine says the party “created an environment where working-class people” could get ahead.

“Now, these have become the enemy of the Labor Party.”

He also cites Labor’s proposed negative gearing reforms.

“[Labor] always talk about the rich, the filthy rich.

“In actual fact, 75 per cent of the people who are doing this negative gearing are nurses, are police, are tradies, are factory workers.

“There these are people who are trying to get some income in, to save some money.”

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