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Warren Mundine: ‘Bizarre’ Aboriginal hospital policy is a step too far

Chris Smith is calling it. When it comes to PC moves, this comes close to taking the cake.

Just last week news broke nurses must declare their white privilege to indigenous patients.

Now, hospital emergency departments across NSW will have “culturally appropriate spaces” and “designated Aboriginal waiting rooms” for indigenous people.

Aboriginal leader Warren Mundine tells Chris the move is “bizarre” and goes a “step too far”.

“This idea that we’ve got to do all this segregation stuff all over again that we’ve got to treat people different… we’ve got away from that, we want to treat people equal and get the proper health services that everyone deserves.”

The government’s new policy is designed to address the rate of indigenous patients leaving hospitals before they’re treated but Mr Mundie says if you’re going to confront the problem, it’s got to be done properly.

“The real issue is…. how do we get patients through quickly and make the service a lot better?

“We’re trying to build a hospital service that treats everyone with respect. Everyone, doesn’t matter who they are.”

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