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War of words: NSW Deputy Premier ‘sick to death’ of National Parks

NSW Deputy Premier is criticising Environment Minister Matt Kean over the culling of brumbies in the Kosciuszko National Park.

NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean is pushing ahead with a plan to rehome or destroy up to 4000 brumbies in the Kosciuszko National Park, claiming there are up about 20,000 of the wild horses.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro is calling on Mr Kean to authorise a recount of the feral horses after last season’s horrific bushfires.

He told Ray Hadley the people are being misled.

“That 25,000 number, there’s only one word for it, it’s bulls—.

“Let’s stop this bickering over ideology, let’s get back to some pragmatic data.

“I’m sick to death of National Parks.”

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Photographer Michelle Brown has photographed the carcasses of brumbies left behind after the devastating fires.

She told Ray Hadley she knows the area quite well.

“The science saying there’s well over 20,000 horses in that park is just flawed!

“I’m saying there’s less than 2000 horses in the park.”

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