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Voice is the ‘next frontier’ for tech giants, says cyber security expert

Are technology giants like Facebook and Google too big to control?

That’s the concern being raised after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) called to regulate the major companies.

The consumer watchdog wants the businesses to stop collecting your data without your knowledge or permission by forcing their applications to switch data collection services off by default.

It comes after a young woman looked up the popular sitcom Kath and Kim on Google and within days she was bombarded with ads for Kath and Kim t-shirts on social media.

Head of the Cyber Security Centre at University of New South Wales Nigel Phair tells Ben Fordham we’re living in “interesting times”.

“When you’re logged on to whatever service – whether it’s Apple, whether it’s Amazon, whether it’s Google… everything that you do, everything that you say, every place that you go, everything will be hoovered up and used to tailor specific advertising to you.”

He says voice is “next frontier for these organisations to commercialise”.

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