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Victorian government considering ANZAC Day change

ANZAC Day commemorations in Victoria could be sullied as Veterans’ Affairs Minister John Eren considers controversial changes.

News Limited reports the proposed changes could see ANZAC Day services commemorating Aboriginal warriors who died fighting colonisation.

Mr Eren originally ruled out the reforms but has backtracked, saying if veterans groups supported the move he could back them.

In an online survey, the Premier’s Department asked 595 Victorians whether they disagreed or agreed with the statement: “The period between 1790 and 1930 where Aboriginal Australians defended their lands, kinships and customs from European invasion/settlement should be reflected in the Anzac Day ceremony.”

31% of respondents strongly agreed ANZAC Day should commemorate frontier conflicts while 19% disagreed and 51% sat on the fence.

Julie Bishop has accused Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews of turning ANZAC Day into a political football.

Ray shared his thoughts on the move.

“That’s what you get if you live in Victoria.

“He could be the worse Premier ever, the way he’s shaping up at the moment.”

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