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Victorian government ‘stuff-up’ slammed as masks made mandatory in Melbourne

An inquiry into the hotel quarantine system in Victoria is underway as Melburnians are being ordered to wear masks.

Private security guards were found to have breached restrictions and subsequently spread coronavirus through the community.

Victoria has close to 3000 active cases as it scrambles to contain the outbreak.

Face masks will become mandatory in Melbourne and the Mitchell shire from 11.59pm on Wednesday.

Failure to do so by anyone over the age of 12 will incur a $200 fine.

Victorian MP Tim Smith told Ben Fordham it is a reasonable ask for public spaces.

“I do think people are going, “you’ve got to be kidding me, if I’m going for a walk around the block why on earth do I need to wear a mask if I’m on my own?”

Ultimately, he says the quarantine fiasco is to blame for the COVID-19 crisis in Victoria.

“This was caused by a government stuff-up.

“In fact, this is probably the greatest public administration failure in Australian history and as a consequence Victorians are to be muzzled like dogs for the foreseeable future.”

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