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US Plumbing Detectives owner slams ‘shoddy work’ of plumbers back home

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More dodgy work from the Plumbing Detectives has been exposed in a social media post, but this time it seems an entire company has been stolen.

Owner and founder of the original Plumbing Detectives in Atlanta, Jason Webb, posted a video to his company’s Facebook page slamming the Aussie company for its “really shoddy work”.

Jason received a bad review from a plumber who fixed a broken tap with tape.

Except the work wasn’t done by his company in the United States, it was by the dodgy detectives in Australia.

It comes after weeks of shonky work by the tradesmen back home, which prompted NSW Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean to step in.

It’s understood the name and designs plastered across the Australian sites are stolen from Jason.

“Unfortunately, there is a company in Australia that likes the name of my company so much… they stole it from me,” he says in the post.

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“It’s been brought to my attention that this company over there in Australia are doing some really shoddy work and taking advantage of customers.”

Jason credits Ray Hadley’s work in bringing the dodgy detectives to light in the video, praising him for speaking out.

“It’s not fair that Jason Webb is being targeted by complaints, because the Plumbing Detectives in Atlanta have absolutely nothing to do with the mob back here in Australia,” says Ray.

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