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UPDATE | Man out of hospital after having arm amputated in horrific dog attack

A man who survived a horrific dog attack that resulted in the amputation of his right arm is still in good spirits.

Ben Fordham has received countless emails from listeners asking for an update after he interviewed Brendan ‘Bear’ Clark.

In June, the 43-year-old mechanic was attacked by two hunting dogs on a Coonamble property where he was working.

His arm had to be amputated after the terrifying attack, but he still displayed remarkable forgiveness for both the dogs and their owner.

Brendan is now out of hospital, having beaten an infection that threatened to take his life.

Although he’s still in good spirits, he tells Ben Fordham of the difficulties of adjusting to life with one arm.

“I have my ups and downs as you can imagine. The frustration sets in at times when you’re just trying to do your normal everyday things like open a packet of chocolate biscuits.

“That can be that frustrating, you wouldn’t believe. All you want is a chocolate biscuit, but try it with one hand.”

He’s also been overwhelmed by the response to a GoFundMe page that was set up to help with his recovery, which has already raised over $18,000.

“The response I’ve got has just blown me away. I just want to thank everyone that’s donated and everyone that’s sent their wishes.”

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