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Unions hit back at Premier’s manufacturing ‘white flag’

Unions NSW boss Mark Morey says NSW must invest to create a vibrant manufacturing industry, to become more “self-reliant”. 

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has come under fire after saying last week, “Australia and New South Wales are not good at building trains, that’s why we have to purchase them.”

She was responding to criticism when asked why her government was sending contracts offshore.

“I was shocked at the comments last week,” Mr Morey told Ray Hadley.

“The whole idea that we can’t have a vibrant manufacturing sector in NSW, basically says we are putting up the white flag, and we are just going to be a service-based economy.

“I think people would be prepared to spend the same amount, get a few less carriages and have it built in Australia.

“We are going to be more self-reliant.”

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