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Union manipulating train drivers to vote FOR strike action

Sydney’s rail system hangs in the balance as the government and the Union negotiate a pay rise for drivers and guards.

An offer of 2.75% annual pay rises over three years with a $1,000 “one-off” payment was agreed to in principle last night.

The deal (see in full below) will be taken to a text message vote in a bid to avoid planned industrial action on Thursday and Monday.

But, Steve Price received a copy of the text message sent to union members, which has been crafted in a way to see the offer rejected.

“Is the offer on the table good enough that you want to temporarily stop your industrial action?

Respond ‘YES’ if yuo thnk we should temporarily stop the action.

DO NOT RESPOND if you think the action this week should go ahead.

No response + a ‘NO’ vote.”

Steve Price speaks with Transport Minister Andrew Constance about the manipulative voting process.

“It’s not only very disturbing, it seems that text is designed to try and make that ballot fail.

“This is now on Mr Claassens [RBTU Secretary]. I want the strike called off immediately because we need to…get trains back on tracks to service peak hour.

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Click on the image below to see the offered deal