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Rail Union: ‘There will be a strike on Monday’

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union has confirmed Monday’s train strike will go ahead.

After another day of failed negotiations, where the Union refused to accept a 3% pay rise, Sydney’s public transport system has edged closer to chaos.

RBTU State Secretary Alex Claassens tells Steve Price Transport Minister Andrew Constance, who didn’t show up to negotiations, is to blame.

“Him sitting at the table saying, ‘you guys are outrageous because you’re asking for 6%’ is not going to help the negotiations, in fact, it’ll probably derail it.

“Unfortunately we’ve got a guy that’s sitting behind the scenes, pulling the strings and dictating stuff, and it’s just not working.”

Steve asks if the union will go ahead with a threatened industrial action.

“Absolutely. Unfortunately, I’ve got to report to the public there will be an overtime ban on Thursday, there will be a strike on Monday, unless they come to the table today and actually start talking about the conditions that matter for my members.”

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