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Two of Australia’s funniest join forces for a one-off show

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Australia’s funny ladies Gretel Killeen and Jackie Loeb are joining forces for a hilarious new comedy show.

The two-part show won’t see the pair perform together, but will have instead both comedians perform one after the other.

Speaking with Chris Smith, they look back on their careers and the unique places they’ve performed.

“That’s going to take me a second. I have performed in a diverse array of places,” Gretel says.

“I performed in a tent in Iraq.”

But what Gretel finds interesting is “where the dressing room has been”.

“Because they are usually appalling.”

“Jackie’s based in LA so shes’a bit posh now…” she jokes.

“We pretty much don’t have dressing rooms either. It’s a free for all,” says Jackie.

“But I’m not shy, so I’ll just strip off in front of everyone.”

Jackie: “My body is the pre-show warm up.”

Gretel: “I find it depressing.”

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The pair also gets serious, talking about how “comedy is such a political tool now”.

“It’s really being respected, not as slapstick and cheesecake in the face… but it’s being recognised as the brains that are required to do some of this stuff.”

You can catch the show Wednesday 15 August at 8pm at The Bayview Hotel, Gladesville – details HERE