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Two Australians behind a viral US anti-gun video

A powerful anti-gun video featuring an 11-year-old girl has gone viral online.

The video starts with adults meeting at a workplace for what they’re told is a talk on how to survive an active shooter.

In enters the special guest “expert”… 11-year-old Kayleigh.

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“If there was an active shooter, you would all be dead,” she said.

“When you talk out loud, the shooter can hear where you are and where you’re hiding.”

Kayleigh is an expert because she is one of many American children being taught specifically how to respond to a shooting at school.

The video is part of the student-led anti-gun movement, March For Our Lives, and was created by two Australians, Alex Little and Karsten Jurkschat.

“Everything she said is true… she learns that thing every other day at school. It’s pretty terrifying,” Alex Little tells Chris Smith.

“Parents have some inkling of what goes on in schools… but no one’s really asked the question ‘what are they learning?'”

Alex tells Chris they wanted to make it really clear what kids are being forced to learn, “because no one is acting on gun control”.

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