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Triple Zero operator helps young boy save his mum’s life

Adam Hart shares with Ray the remarkable story of how he helped a young boy save his mother’s life.

The Ambulance Triple Zero operator fielded a call from a young boy whose mother was suffering from cardiac arrest.

He managed to talk him through CPR instructions, and through a fortunate series of events, the mother survived.

Adam has been awarded the Victor Chang ‘Heart of Gold’ award for his incredible efforts.

“It was quite a difficult call,” he tells Ray.

“But obviously¬†the son having to go through that emotional ringer with his mother managed to compose himself to do the CPR.”

He shares with Ray the difficulty for the person on the other end of the line.

“They’re going through a state of hysteria, you want to be able to talk them through actions, give them tasks.”

Humbled by the experience, he describes meeting the family as “surreal”.

“It really hit home how important it is to get these instructions across the line.

“I’m just a very small cog in a big wheel that manages to keep people alive.”

Listen to the remarkable story below